Business Director 業務總監

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business Development
Full Time

What You'll Do / Responsibilities

1. Familiar with local travel/fashion/makeup/e-commerce industry, making and selling the online advertising plan based on customers‘ needs.

2. Based on local market characteristics, making localized business strategies, assisting in building business models; continuously creating PopDaily MY opportunities for future revenue and decomposing goals for the sales team to achieve final goals.
根據當地市場特點制定在地化商業策略,並協助建立商業模式;繼續創造PopDaily MY未來營收的機會,並分配目標給銷售團隊以實現最終目標

3. As a team leader, recruit, build and effectively manage the sales team based in Malaysia.
招募、建立並有效地管理PopDaily MY 的業務團隊

4. Collaborate with internal resources and external network to prioritize and penetrate
key accounts; quickly build relationships with key stakeholders to drive business.
整合內部資源和外部人脈,確定優先級別並滲透關鍵客戶; 快速與主要利益相關者建立關係以推動業務發展。

5. Participating in business project management, involving online and offline activities. Plan, track and manage key milestones of a whole life cycle of a project from the beginning to the end, detect and mitigate project risks, and ensure to deliver the project on time successfully. 參與商業計畫管理包含線上與線下活動;從始至終地計劃、追蹤並管理整個專案計畫的關鍵點,同時降低項目風險,並確保成功地按時交付專案計畫

6. Partnering with the leaders of PopDaily MY/PopDaily TW closely, in particular with department of Sales, Content, Operations, Technology, Marketing, to ensure consistency in our commercial plan and operational activities. And appropriately prioritize the execution upon the different business in the context of overall PopDaily MY objectives.
和PopDaily MY/TW的主管們高度協作,特別是業務部、內容部、營運部、技術部、行銷部以確保商業計劃和運營活動的一致性。並根據PopDaily MY的總目標,適當決定優先執行某些任務。

Required Qualifications

1. Familiar with Malaysia local media, e-commerce, advertising, beauty, and fashion brand customers.
熟悉 MY本地媒體,電子商務,廣告,美容和時尚品牌客戶

2. 3-5 years of experience in digital media sales experience. Excellent ability of communication and interpersonal relations.

3. Highly analytical, logical, strategic, flexible and adaptive, good at making a presentation. 高度分析性、邏輯性、戰略性、靈活性和適應性強,且擅長製作簡報

4. Familiar with online advertising on various platforms(including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), and rich in execution experience.

5. Stable, independent and have a strong sense of responsibility and leadership.

6. Outstanding ability of writing and verbal in both English and Chinese are required. 具備出色的英語和中文寫作和口頭交流能力

7. Salary: basic + commission

Preferred Qualifications

1. Familiar with the influencers of Malaysia for establishing partners.
熟悉MY Influencer 生態,能建立合作者
2. Familiar with Malaysia's beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands will be a plus. 熟悉馬來西亞美妝時尚、生活用品品牌客戶者加分


TWD 46,040 ~ 69,600 / month

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